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Stimulate and reward your community!

Citizen Coin Bradford are digital community coins.

Earn them by involving yourself in social projects around your area and get discounts from local and City centre retailers. We aim to value volunteering with Citizen Coins and thus make the social value of the local community visible whilst supporting local retailers.

Together we make Stronger Communities

Download the FREE Citizen Coin App, sign up and you will receive 2 Citizen Coins. That’s it, you're all good to go, start earning, redeeming rewards & making a positive change.

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Open your own wallet and earn Citizen Coins. Find activities where you can earn them and get discounts on products and services.


Is your organization doing great things for the community? Register for a Citizen Coins account to stimulate and reward volunteering.


Develop new customers, more sales and show your involvement in the community? Register to accept Citizen Coins and offer discounted products and services.


Pass Citizen Coins on to family, friends or to someone who can use them. Or donate them to a participating volunteer organization in your community. Pay it forward!