General FAQs

How do I earn Citizen Coin?

Anyone can earn Citizen Coin. Once you’re registered with a Citizen Coin account, simply browse the Activities offered by our partner organisations and find an activity to suit you. After you sign up and complete the activity, the organisation will reward you in Citizen Coin.

Do I have to volunteer to earn Citizen Coin?

No. You can also earn Citizen Coin by undertaking activities that benefit you. These could range from stopping smoking to looking for work, undertaking training or achieving a goal you have identified with an organisation’s support.

How do I spend Citizen Coin?

Our local retail partners accept Citizen Coin in return for discounts on goods and services. Visit the Offers section to see what’s available, then spend your Citizen Coin, either in person or online, by scanning a QR code via an app on your smartphone or making a transfer via the website. Once the retailer receives Citizen Coin from you, you pay them the discounted price.

What is a Citizen Coin wallet?

Your Citizen Coin Wallet is your mechanism for making Citizen Coin transactions. You can access it via the Citizen Coin website or via a free smartphone app. The first time you access your Citizen Coin Wallet you will be issued with a unique personalised QR code that can be used to undertake Citizen Coin transactions.


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